Teej Festival Tour

Teej is an interesting festival because it is one of the very few festivals that are celebrated exclusively by Hindu women. Strangely enough, this festival is named after a red-colored insect.  So women come out in the streets of Nepal during this festival dressed fully in red and participate in various activities such as singing, dancing, fasting, merry-making, praying, and visiting temples. Therefore, on this day, the streets of Nepal become very lively and exciting.

One of the main aims of celebrating Teej for Hindu women is to wish for a long life of their spouse.  To do so, Hindu women spend a whole day fasting until the moon comes up, drinking only water throughout the day. However, this does not stop them from being energetic and lively during this festival. Hindu women believes that celebrating this festival will not only lengthen the life of their husbands, but also strengthen their marital relationships. This festival is, in fact, dedicated to Goddess Parbati for her everlasting union with Lord Shiva.

Teej generally falls in late August and sometimes in early September. This is also the season when it is the most ideal time to visit Nepal since it is autumn season and the weather is likely to be just right. Also the skies will be clear most of the day, giving you plenty of opportunities to grab spectacular views of the faraway mountain ranges.

Things you are likely to be engaged in if you participate in this festival:

  1. Observe Nepali women in red singing and dancing on the streets.
  2. Witness Nepali women fasting all day.
  3. Visit temples of Shiva to see Nepali women worshipping and praying.
  4. Learn about the customs and beliefs of Nepali marriage and religious beliefs.
  5. Engage with local people in singing, dancing, drinking, and merrymaking.

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Teej Festival Tour

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