Some of the comments / references of previous guest trekkers who performed their treks under the careful management of this company on different dates in various regions for different duration.


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Date: 17th September 1993

Dear Sirs
On the 17th to 24th of September 1993 you arranged for us a tenting – trek in the Helambu area. This was on your recommendation and we are pleased that we followed your advice. It gave us beautiful scenery, interesting meetings with people and the social side of the peoples’ life.
We were all the time very well guided by Ram who was helpful and gave us a lot of valuable information of biological as well as zoological art. All four of us have only the best recommendations to give to them all. When the trek was over we all felt that we had become friends. We have certainly the best memories with us for the rest of our lives and we are all satisfied with every detail in your arrangements.

The four Swedes
Ulla, Ruder
Olle Ruder
Eva Ruder
Jan Thoren
Malarvagen 49

Date: 10th.11.1993

We have just completed a 15 days trek to Gosainkunda. We had a most exhilarating trip – a highly stimulating experience. Our team of 9 porters, a guide and a cook were excellent. They took care of all our needs not only were they highly efficient, but also very lively and entertaining. Ram Chandra Ghising who was a wonderful organizer and Norbu Tamang our cook whose cooking was excellent and extremely inventive. The team as a whole took excellent care of us.
Thanks for a great and a memorable trip.

Sylvia Safpie

Date: 1st October 1994

This is our first trek in Nepal. We only have one week here so we booked just a small trek (4days). We were met by Santosh, the cook + 4 porters which were organised by First Environmental. Over the 4 day period Santosh and his team did everything possible to make our trek as comfortable and enjoyable as possible. We have made good friends over the last 4 days and hope to return to Nepal in the near future where our first part of call will be First Environmental.

Ann & Derek Hardy

Date: 7th December 1995

Dear Sir,
I feel compelled to write a short note on two accounts: Firstly we would like to say thank you for the professional manner in which you organized our trek. In the midst of so many companies demanding for our attention with financial concerns seemingly paramount, it was refreshing to walk into your office and receive sound, friendly advice without the hard sell !
Secondly we wish to convey our thanks to our excellent guide. Having initially been in two minds as to whether a guide would be necessary for our relatively short walk, with retrospect we are extremely glad that you convinced us. My guide was of a great patience, honesty and integrity when I became sick on the second day his kindness and genuine concerns definitely inspired me to keep going. He went out of his way to ensure that we were comfortable, warm and well fed at all times and his knowledge of the route was second to none. Mr. Dahal …many thanks from both of us.
We hope to book with you again in the future and have already recommended you without hesitation to our friends.

With best regards,


Date: 8th May 1996

Dear Sir,
I am writing to tell you how much we enjoyed the trek which you organized for us. As we have three children we were a little concerned about how it would go and how they would cope. However, we were all very well taken care of. Our guide, Bijoy and, two porters, were all very friendly and helpful in every way. Initially our four year old was not pleased about having to be carried by someone she did not know, but, it did not take long for her to get to know Ram and he was very good with her. As we were a family, we were a bit slower than most trekkers but we did not feel as if we were being pushed to go faster and the guide and porters were very patient and happy to go at our pace. The lodges we stayed in along the way were very good and once again our guide and porters made sure that we had everything we needed.
Initially we were concerned about trekking through an organization, paying too much money and not getting a fair deal. However we were very happy with the rate we paid and what we received for our money. We would thoroughly recommend your organization to anyone waiting to trek in Nepal.
Thank you for making our trek a fun and memorable experience for all our family.
Sincerely yours,

Geoff and Marion Shepherd and family

Date: 26th.04.1996

Dear Sir,
I know you will remember that just over a month ago Barbara and I arrived in Kathmandu, keen to Trek but having no idea of how to go about it.
We found your organization, First Environmental Trekking (p) extremely helpful and friendly, as well as efficient. We also greatly appreciated being introduced to our guide the day before we left for Pokhara. This gave us confidence as did the itemised list of exactly what we were entitled to on our right trip, right down to particulars such as sleeping bags.
The trekking itself was a unique experience. We loved it,

If we are lucky enough to get chance to visit Nepal again we shall certainly turn to you once more. Equally if any friends shown an interest in trekking after looking at our holiday snaps, we will make sure they have your address in Kathmandu.
Again many thanks for a wonderful holidays.

Sincerely yours,

Pete and Barbara Wells

Date: 1st January 1997

I wish to express my expectation for the case and concern our guide Uttam Pokharel has shown us while on our trek. He has been most helpful in many ways, firstly, by attending to our health by recommending good eating houses and restaurants.

Uttam was always aware of our fitness (or lack of fitness) and he knew exactly how much to push us when we needed a rest. He always took great delight in expressing us with special treats.
We would like to comment on our porter, Parshuram Panta, He was extremely pleasant at all the times on the journey. He is also very proud of his culture and religion and of the Nepalese Mountains. He would insist on pointing out special views as we walked along.
In conclusion, this trek has been one of the highlights of my life, one that I will never forget. We have no legislation in recommending Uttam Pokhrel as a guide to be trusted completely. He is our friend. And Panta could be recommended to all as the best porter. He is also our friend. We will recommend people to the First Environmental Trekking (P) Ltd.

Helen Chifton & Denis Harrigon

Date: 6th March 1997

I came to Nepal, I went trekking and I thoroughly enjoyed the experience.
Kathmandu Guesthouse recommended First Environmental Trekking to myself and they did not disappoint. My guide was extremely polite, patient and knowledgeable. I feel that this is extremely important when trekking in totally unfamiliar terrain. He contributed to my understanding or Nepali culture and to him I am extremely grateful.
To anyone who may read this I can confidently recommend First Environmental Trekking.

Dr. Pete Thomas
United Kingdom

Date: 21st 9 1997

They promised, they delivered ! Very professional, through and friendly. Took very good care of me all day long, from morning tea to sleep under the stars.
No problem for a women trekking alone.

Tracy Lemman
Santa Monica

Name: Danielle
Country: The Netherlands

Message: The main reason for me and my friends to go on a trekking with
First Environmental Trekking was that they were able to provide us with a
guide who speaks fairly good english, next to  offering us a reasonable
price. It is important to me that I can properly communicate with my guide
when I am undertaking a strenuous activity as hiking in the Himalayas in a
country as unpredictable as Nepal.

I was not disappointed. Our guide was enthusiastic, paid good attention to
what we needed and monitored adeptly how fatigue we were feeling. Next to
that he was a source of information on his country. While we were hiking the
Tamang Heritage Trail (especially recommended by Thakur because it gives you
a different outlook on the minorities and the rural life of Nepal) and
Langtang Valley, he told us many things about the history of Nepal. We came
to understand the predicaments of Nepal politics and the attitude of the
Nepali towards it  somewhat better.

I believe that the objective of Thakur Raj Pandey, when they set-up their
company, was to make it lasting and sustainable and to do so by paying good
attention to their clients and employees.

First Environmental Trekking