Looking Back On… Trekking in Nepal in 2008

Our trekking company, First Environmental Trekking, arranged for our permits and ensured that we had sufficient gear. We stored some extra clothing with them that we wouldn’t need on the trek, even though we decided that packing a few pints of Guiness for our friend’s birthday was necessary.

The day before we left for the mountains, we were told to head to the Pashupatinath Temple for a special holiday. It turns out we were in Kathmandu during Maha Shivaratri, one of the biggest festivals of the year.

As we approached, the streets were packed with people. Every now and then, crowds would make way for one of the many Sadhus (Hindu holy men) who was making his way to the temple. 

The entire experience was fascinating, and we were in awe of the crowds of people around the temple, the cremation ghats on the Bagmati River, and the Sadhus being revered as though they were celebrities. 

As we finished packing our bags back at our guest house later on that evening, we were teeming with excitement about the adventure that was ahead of us.  

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