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Why Visit Nepal?

Situated in the laps of the Himalayas Nepal is a country landlocked country located in south Asia, sandwiched between India and China. Officially the Federal Democratic Republic of Nepal it’s the 93rd largest country in the world by area. It has approximately 27 million People in an area spread over 147,181 square kilometers (56,827 Sq. miles). Within its borders Nepal has eight of the world’s ten tallest mountains, the world Tallest Mountain Mount Everest (8848 Meters) and the major part of the Himalayan range. The country is divide into three major geographical zones Himalayan region (Mountain region 4000 meters to 8848 meters), Phada (Hilly Region 800 meters to 4000 meters) & Terai (Lowland plains and tropical jungles). It has everything to offer to a holiday makers from jungle safari, bird watching, fresh water fishing, Rafting, Cannoning, Rock climbing, Bungee jumping, Paragliding among the mountains, Trekking, Peak Climbing and Mountaineering. You want to see the Bengali tiger riding an elephant, bath with the elephants or may be go trekking to the top of the world at Mount Everest, this is a land where everything is possible. It’s a best destination for your holidays, according to it’s the no 1 holiday destination for 2016. So don’t be late join the ride and be path of the amazing people to be at the highest point on earth, Trek in the mountains with majestic views and culture and dance with the tigers at the jungles of Nepal. So come visit Nepal where we live by the principle of “Matri devo Bhava,Guru devo Bhava, Aithi devo Bhava” (In Sanskrit in the holy book of Bhagavad Gita) meaning Parents are God, Teacher are God, Guest are God. So visit Nepal and enjoy the hospitality of the mountain tribes who consider you gods among the most beautiful natural sceneries among the world.

Nepal is a land of Himalayas. Terai/Plain Region is its food and industrial land. Pahad/Hilly Region is its greenery terrain beautiful tourism land. And Himal/Mountain Region is the adventure land.

Buddha was born in Lumbini, Nepal. (The Light of Asia)
The 14 highest 8000m. peaks are located in Nepal.
Nepal is considered as amazon of Asia. Huge Biodiversity and geographical diversity find in Nepal.

Nepal at a Glance

  • 850 Species of Birds
  • 11 Families of Butterflies
  • 600 types of Indigenous Plants
  • 319 Species of Wild Orchids
  • 7000 Species of Flowering Plants

Rara Lake Trek Drive in/Fly Out
11 Days 3,804 m Nepal
Mera Peak Climbing
Day 17 6,654 m Nepal
Manaslu Round Trek
14 Day 5160 m Nepal
Kathmandu & Lumbini & Chitwan
8 Days 1,400 m Nepal
Upper Dolpa Trek
17 Days 4,702 m Nepal
Lower Dolpo Trek
14 Days 5,115 m Nepal

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