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Tibet Overland Tour Open

Enjoy Tibet Overland Tour We will like to update you that Tibet Overland tour has been Open through Kerong Border from 01st September 2017 onward.  Please go ahead and book with us Tibet Tour: Drive in fly out OR Drive in drive out

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Mountaineering Training in Nepal with professional.

Nepal is the hub for Mountain, Adventure and Natural beauty. We offer different course related Mountaineering and adventure training with professional who have already done climbing and have a lot of experience. Course of Study: Mountain Tourism: Trekking, Mountaineering, Hiking, Rafting, Rock climbing etc. Mountain ecology and Environment: Flora and Fauna Mountain Geography of Nepal Himalayas History of mountaineering and NMA Weather Danger in mountain

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Medical Tourism

Nepal is very famous for Eye and Heart treatment. Tilganga Institute of Ophthalmology (TIO): Shahid Gangalal National Heart Centre (SGNHC): Please inquiry us for more information.

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Welcome to Nepal!!!

After the long rainy season, the trekking season has started in Nepal. If you want reliable and cost-effective company please remember us. We offer Trekking, Climbing, Adventure Tour, Buddhist Tour, Hindu Cultural Tour and Heli Mountain Tour.

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Pokhara is the best value city for budget travelers – forbes

Forbes recently published 20 best cities for budget tour. And 2 cities from Nepal have been contained in that list. According to the Forbes, the Capital Kathmandu is 7th most valued city for budget travelers and Pokhara is the number one city for budget travelers in 2016. The 20 best value city for budget travelers

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Rockfall blocked Tamor river and sunken houses

Rockfall in eastern Nepal. Back to back natural disasters are making more trouble in eastern Nepal. Nepalese could not have felt properly safe even after 1 year of earthquake. Now a landslide caused Tamor River blocked in Taplejung district and made an artificial lake had added again another agony. Some houses have been sunken into that artificial lake. Tamor is one of the major tributary of the Saptakoshi river which is the biggest river of Nepal. And Saptakoshi i

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Grand Buddhist Conference on May 8, 2016

Aviation Minister Ananda Pokharel has discussed with the Stakeholders to make 2526 Buddha Jayanti as a Grand Buddhist Conference. Government are preparing for the International buddhist Conference at the Lumbini and Kathmandu on May 8, 2016. Minister Pokharel has announced to celebrate Buddha yayanti as a International level for that there was a discussion with the Master of Buddhist Teacher and monastery Management Committee at the Ministry of Administrations on Sunday

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Nepal tourism needs efforts of both private sector and government.

Nepal Tourism Industry's Chairman Ganesh Simkhada on the set of ABC Television for Target Tourism Program.

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Welcome to Mustang

Namaste (Salut/Hello) Friends

Hello / Salut Friends, this is the first official blog post from First Environmental Trekking Pvt. Ltd. We would like to greet you saying hello/ Salut / Namaste. If you have already visited Nepal, you may have already know about the geographical, cultural and behavioral beauties of Nepal & Nepalese  and the things that must be improved in Nepal. That is why we are expecting through this post some suggestions from you people about our nation which can help us to consider

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